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Decorating for the holy month of Ramadan, for the arrival of Eid or any other Islamic celebration is becoming the new tradition in the new Muslim home. Ramadan and Eid decorations do not only bring joy to our kids, but they are also a constant reminder of the beauty of these holy times of the year. Decorating, baking and gifting during Ramadan and Eid can send an important message to the young generation of how beautiful our religion is and that it encourages celebrating and rewarding for good deeds.

I had the fortunate experience of growing up in the Middle East. You see, I say Middle East because I lived a bit of a nomadic life growing up. By the age of eighteen, I had lived in Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Yes, I was the perpetual new kid. Looking back now, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I had the opportunity to experience so many things, see so many places and have a rich and storied childhood. In each country it seemed my parents picked up a new little tradition to teach my brother, sister and I. One of my favorite was the telling of the fables from “One Thousand and One (Arabian) Nights.” During Ramadan, after breaking fast with what seemed to be the entire town, we would sit and listen to these stories that reminded us of the beautiful culture we were part of. For us, Ramadan was not just a precursor to Eid so that we could get Eid gifts. It was a month of celebration and remembering the tapestry of the people we were.

Now I have children of my own growing up in this wonderful country but confused by cultural differences and asking if they can leave milk and cookies out for Santa. We teach them about Ramadan and Eid and the rich history of our culture and religion. We work to bridge the gap of east meeting west. We have found that helping to incorporate traditions our parents passed to us into each celebration, not just Eid, regularly reminds them of the beauty flowing in their blood. Now we have added our own traditions for them to pass onto their children one day and each celebration has become a special memory we share.

Since starting these new traditions I’ve maniacally been on the hunt for the next party product. In my search I found a fantastical world so charming with all of its party supplies, balloons, glitter, Ramadan lights, crescents and lanterns! A world I thought I would share while I continue my search…
So go ahead and and explore our Eid decorations collection, our Ramadan gifts and baking supplies and our other items for all your celebrations. We hope that we may be a small part of the joyous celebrations you and your family have when creating your special memories.

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Dalia Matariyeh